Wall Socket Video Recorder


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The world`s smallest recording camera is built in a disguised room socket. It`s hard to distinguish from The real one. It`s so covert that stranger breaks into will never notice his every action is under-recording.

Remove socket cover fixed by magnet, recording camera, switch, SD card slot, and USB interface are all exposed to your eyes. Turn the switch to on mode, LED light goes on blue and keeps for 2 seconds, indicating the device enters into standby mode. Video recording is controlled by induction. It`s really a good choice for home &office.

Note: There is no memory in this device, it only supports micro SD card for recording.


Mini Nanny Camera Security Socket Mini Camera Voice Activated Surveillance  DVR Wall Socket Mini Video Recorder Mini Video Recorder Camera From  Kakadhgate, $17.87| DHgate.Com



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