Intelligent Picture Video Recorder
Intelligent Picture Video Recorder

Intelligent Picture Video Recorder

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720P video not flash:
* Click ON-OFF button to boot, boot blue light normally ON, click ON the switch machine, under the blue lights flash 3 out of 720 p video, video process lamp don’t suggest, a segmented automatically save 5 minutes continuous video, click the switch button again to stop the video, back to the blue light normally ON standby mode (no cycle cover function).
1080P video not flash:
* Boot blue light long on standby mode, long-press the boot key 3 seconds, yellow lights flash 3 out of 1080 p video mode, for a period of 5 minutes automatic packing save video, click the switch machine button once again, blue backlight long on standby. (no cycle cover function)
Picture 12 million:
* On standby mode 1 yellow light 1 times point F keys, back to the blue light model for a photograph, 12 million pixels (4032 x3024) automatically saved.
T card format:
* On standby mode, long-press the F key 3 seconds, blue and yellow lights flashing for formatting the T card information all video data content.
Invalid reset:
* machine crashes, buttons, can’t normal use, according to the R button once to reset once, after the reset can be normal use.
Filling record:
* insert the T card, external insert USB TV line, the external USB 5 v power supply, or charging treasure, machines directly into 720 p video mode, no manual stop has been recorded at the card with or without power, can also manually stop video switch any mode.
TV OUT mode:
* connect USB TV line, the boot after TV video can see through the TV screen images, this can take photos and videos, motion-detecting use.
* in the stop (video, pictures, motion-detecting) function mode, the need to shut down, long press ON/OFF button 7 seconds, see the yellow and blue lights for power OFF. Or in standby mode without using any power function can, standby for 1 minute automatic shutdown.